Things Every Man Should Know About

Part of being a man is being competent and effective and feeling like the most "interesting man in the world" (thanks Dos Equis).  You want to appear like a knowledgeable expert on a wide variety of subjects (aka knowing a little about a lot of things) while not coming off as a know-it-all (everyone wants to be one, but being one isn't liked by everyone).

So, to accomplish this fine balance, you have to have a reliable source to find out what is really relevant to your base of manliness knowledge. And, that's exactly what the tabs on this page of The Styled Man Box website will do for you.

For primitive man, this needed skill-set was clear and relatively narrow, largely revolving around the jobs of fighting and hunting. But, since some of us have evolved (maybe just a bit) we intend to keep you up-to-breast with a wide variety of subjects of things that we think are important for you to know and to help you demonstrate confidence and capability in our new manly roles.

Whether it's things you should know about classic style, latest fashions and trends, fitness, business and sports or if it's skills that you should have, things you should learn, things you should do or even things you should (maybe) try before you kick the bucket.

The modern man (whilst busy) must be both a warrior and a diplomat, a woodsman and a scholar. We need both business smarts and street knowledge, hard skills and how to be a gentleman, things we know how to use every day and skills we keep in the back pocket, just in case.

Below you’ll find tabs with many links to a plethora of websites on a wide (and ever growing) range of life topics that we feel every man should know. Enjoy and grow, gentlemen!

5 Things Every Man Should Know

Podcasts for Guys Every Man Should Listen To in 2017

48 Things Every Man Should Know


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