Sports Stories to Share

From time to time, we need our faith in humanity to be restored. Sometimes, we see the world as a cold, dark place where everyone struggles to survive and not many people truly enjoy being alive. Occasionally life is a bleak, unfair monster that haunts us when we close our eyes, and we aren’t powerful enough to chase away our subsequent fears.

But every once in a while, there are unexpected moments in life that surprise us and fill our stagnant souls with an inexplicable joy and a sense of redemption. And we often times those moments are related to sports.

And the outcome of those games often leave an imprint on our souls and reminded us that life’s lessons often come to fruition when we least expect it.  And, they make for great life-long stories that we share over and over (and over again, according to our friends and family).

Here's some great links to some other sports stories to share.

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