Skills to Have

Men, as husbands and fathers, are no longer seen as serving a needed role in society.  Far from the days of Father Knows Best, husbands and fathers are now shown in pop culture as inept dofusses at best (think Al Bundy or Homer Simpson), if they are shown as being around at all, while women are shown as quite capable to getting along without, or despite, men in their lives. 

This sad situation is in desperate need of correcting. As a small step in that direction, we offer a list of skills every real man should have. These are skills, in that they can be learned and developed, if you are willing to put in the necessary work to do so. Let's get started with some of the links we have listed below, shall we.

Four Things Every Man Should Know How To Do:

5 Sports Skills Every Guy Should Know

25 Skills Every Man Should Have

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